Our research focus is medical imaging, and how we can extract new information from images for applications in lung disease.  Right now, medical imaging plays a very limited role in the management and treatment of patients with lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and cystic fibrosis.  Our lab is developing new ways that we can extract information from medical imaging technologies, like computed tomography (CT or “CAT scan”) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), that can tell us something about the underlying disease in the lung, where it is located and how severe it is – information that is not available with conventional clinical tools.  Specifically, we develop quantitative methods that characterize the spatial and temporal disease dynamics, and use advanced image processing techniques like machine learning, to gain a much deeper understanding of how the disease initiates in the lung and progresses over time.

Our research is very interdisciplinary and involves collaborations with imaging physicists, biomedical engineers, and computer scientists that have expertise developing imaging analytics, as well as the clinicians that treat patients with lung disease.  We welcome trainees from diverse backgrounds as well as new collaborations in academia, hospitals and industry.


We are hiring! I encourage applicants from diverse undergraduate backgrounds (eg. physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics) with an interest in applying their problem solving skills to clinical problems

Prospective students should email their CV and unofficial academic transcript to Dr. Kirby at Miranda.Kirby@ryerson.ca.